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Louis Armstrong - The Real… Louis Armstrong [3CD]
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Louis Armstrong

The Real… Louis Armstrong

3CD / Nowy


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CD1-01. Gut Bucket Blues
CD1-02. My Heart
CD1-03. Yes! Im In The Barrel
CD1-04. Come Back, Sweet Papa
CD1-05. Georgia Grind
CD1-06. Heebie Jeebies
CD1-07. Cornet Chop Suey
CD1-08. Oriental Strut
CD1-09. Youre Next
CD1-10. Muskrat Ramble
CD1-11. Dont Forget To Mess Around
CD1-12. Im Gonna Gitcha
CD1-13. Droppin Shucks
CD1-14. Who sit
CD1-15. King Of The Zulus
CD1-16. Big Fat Ma And Skinny Pa
CD1-17. Lonesome Blues
CD1-18. Sweet Little Papa
CD1-19. Jazz Lips
CD1-20. Skid-Dat-De-Dat
CD1-21. Big Butter And Egg Man
CD1-22. Sunset Cafe Stomp
CD1-23. You Made Me Love You
CD1-24. Irish Black Bottom
CD1-25. Tight Like This
CD2-01. Put Em Down Blues
CD2-02. Orys Creole Trombone
CD2-03. The Last Time
CD2-04. Struttin With Some Barbecue
CD2-05. Got No Blues
CD2-06. Once In A While
CD2-07. Im Not Rough
CD2-08. Hotter Than That
CD2-09. Savoy Blues
CD2-10. He Likes It Slow
CD2-11. Gamblers Dream
CD2-12. Sunshine Baby
CD2-13. Adam And Eve Had The Blues
CD2-14. Put It Where I Can Get It
CD2-15. Wash Woman Blues
CD2-16. Ive Stopped My Man
CD2-17. Willie The Weeper
CD2-18. Wild Man Blues
CD2-19. Alligator Crawl
CD2-20. Potato Head Blues
CD2-21. Melancholy
CD2-22. Weary Blues
CD2-23. Twelfth Street Rag
CD2-24. St. James Infirmary
CD2-25. Weather Bird
CD3-01. Keyhole Blues
CD3-02. S.O.L. Blues
CD3-03. Gully Low Blues
CD3-04. Thats When Ill Come Back To You
CD3-05. Chicago Breakdown
CD3-06. Youre A Real Sweetheart
CD3-07. Too Busy
CD3-08. Was It A Dream?
CD3-09. Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me
CD3-10. Fireworks
CD3-11. Skip The Gutter
CD3-12. A Monday Date
CD3-13. Dont Jive Me
CD3-14. West End Blues
CD3-15. Sugar Foot Strut
CD3-16. Two Deuces
CD3-17. Squeeze Me
CD3-18. Knee Drops
CD3-19. No (Papa, No)
CD3-20. Basin Street Blues
CD3-21. No One Else But You
CD3-22. Beau Koo Jack
CD3-23. Save It, Pretty Mama
CD3-24. Muggles
CD3-25. Hear Me Talkin To Ya
TytułThe Real… Louis Armstrong
WykonawcaLouis Armstrong
Numer katalogowy88691960752
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