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Bill Withers - The Real... Bill Withers [3CD]
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Bill Withers

The Real... Bill Withers

3CD / Nowy


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CD1-01. Ain't No Sunshine
CD1-02. Harlem
CD1-03. Everybody's Talkin'
CD1-04. Hope She'll Be Happier
CD1-05. Better Off Dead
CD1-06. In My Heart
CD1-07. Moanin' & Groanin'
CD1-08. Do It Good
CD1-09. Grandma's Hands
CD1-10. Let It Be
CD1-11. I'm Her Daddy
CD1-12. Sweet Wanomi
CD1-13. Kissing My Love
CD1-14. Another Day To Run
CD1-15. I Don't Know
CD1-16. Lonely Town, Lonely Street
CD1-17. I Don't Want You On My Mind
CD1-18. Let Me In Your Life
CD1-19. Who Is He (& What Is He To You)?
CD1-20. Take It All In & Check It Out
CD1-21. Use Me
CD2-01. Lean On Me
CD2-02. World Keeps Going Around (live)
CD2-03. Let Us Love (live)
CD2-04. Friend Of Mine (live)
CD2-05. Ruby Lee
CD2-06. Green Grass
CD2-07. Heartbreak Road
CD2-08. The Same Love That Made Me Laugh
CD2-09. Make Love To Your Mind
CD2-10. I Wish You Well
CD2-11. Can We Pretend
CD2-12. Hello Like Before
CD2-13. Close To Me
CD2-14. My Imagination
CD2-15. Dreams
CD2-16. If I Didn't Mean You Well
CD2-17. Naked & Warm
CD3-01. Lovely Day
CD3-02. I Want To Spend The Night
CD3-03. Tender Things
CD3-04. Let Me Be The One You Need
CD3-05. Lovely Night For Dancing
CD3-06. You
CD3-07. Don't Make It Better
CD3-08. You Got The Stuff
CD3-09. All Because Of You
CD3-10. Watching You & Me
CD3-11. Something That Turns You On
CD3-12. You Try To Find A Love
CD3-13. Steppin' Right Along
CD3-14. Heart In Your Life
CD3-15. Oh Yeah!
TytułThe Real... Bill Withers
WykonawcaBill Withers
Numer katalogowy88843054952

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