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Mobb Deep - Murda Muzik [2LP]
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Mobb Deep

Murda Muzik

2LP / Nowy


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A1. Intro
A2. Street Raised Me" (feat Dig Noyd & Chinky) (4:30)
A3. What's Ya Poison" (feat Cormega) (3:45)
A4. Spread Love
A5. Let A Ho Be A Ho
B1. I'm Going Out" (feat Lil Cease) (3:45)
B2. Allustrious
B3. Adrenaline
B4. Where Ya From" (feat 8-Ball) (4:00)
C1. Quiet Storm
C2. Where Ya Heart At
C3. Noyd" (interlude) (0:23)
C4. Can't Fuck Wit" (feat Raekwon) (4:08)
C5. Thug Muzik" (feat Infamous Mood & Chinky) (4:33)
C6. Murda Muzik
D1. The Realest" (feat Kool G Rap) (4:18)
D2. USA (Aiight Then)
D3. It's Mine" (feat Nas) (4:37)
D4. Quiet Storm" (feat Lil Kim - remix) (3:41)
Opis produktu
The legendary Mobb Deep came equipped for warfare on tour celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their fourth album Murda Muzik. The Infamous Mobb Deep are a pioneering rap group to emerge from New York City in the 90’s era, a group which perfected a signatory sound which meant some of their tracks instantly became timeless classics. A grittier rap group, their tracks often contained graphic imagery of growing up in Queensbridge Houses and Mobb Deep are some of QB’s finest who provided the soundtrack to the streets. Murda Muzik dropped on August 17 1999 with collaborations from various other including, Cormega on What’s Ya Poison and Big Noyd on Streets Raised Me. This one album alone houses several hits including the crowd pleasing Shook Ones and Quiet Storm on which Havoc has sampled, White Lines (Don’t Do it) by Melle Mel. The mixture of dope lyrics and beats, it’s hard to believe it’s been over twenty years since this album came out as it still has the same impact when played now.
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